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JT Clark

My name is Jonathan Clark, but most people know me as JT. I love Jesus and wake up everyday to live a life of creativity for Him. God gave me great talents and I'm stoked to use them for His glory as the Media Director for Family Worship Center in Florence, SC. I studied Landscape Architecture at Clemson University, the greatest college on the planet!

I really enjoy what I do, but that's not the only thing that consumes my life. Spending time with my family/friends, watching movies, going to Clemson football games, and a cup of Starbucks coffee are a few of the things I enjoy.

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Family Worship Center has had a major impact on my life and revolutionized my walk with God! I'm using this website to push some podcasts from VARSITY, our Young Adult Ministry. I'm privileged to speak at VARSITY almost every week and put together this website to share the insight God's given me.

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