How God Leads Us

Posted on November 11, 2013

Many times we are moved or led by circumstances. God deosn’t lead through circumstances; He leads from the inside out. If we’re to be led by the Holy Spirit, then we must follow a leading from within. We’re all guilty of making decisions based on our surroundings or the condition we’re in. However, this just gets us in trouble and puts us in a position where God’s speaking and we’re not listening!

Our condition should prompt us to call on God; it should not lead us!

God’s Word tells us in Romans 8:14 that if we’re children of God, if we’ve chosen to live a life for Him, then we can expect Him to lead us. We see in Romans 8:16 and in Proverbs 20:27 that our spirit is tied together with the Holy Spirit. We see signs all throughout the Bible that we are a spirit, we have soul (mind, will, & emotions) and we live in a body. Since all of this is true, then we must let our spirit, which is connected to God, lead us!

Check out the difference between being led from the inside (God) vs. the outisde (the World) in these two graphics. Hopefully you’re being led from the inside out!

JT Clark

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